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Drawing, the base, the beginning, finding the essential

The most important step in my work is drawing. It allows me to visually think out loud on paper using action--making at its fundamental. Being the only process in my cross disciplinary practice in which I have no pre-set expectations, it is all experimentation, from start to finish. That makes drawing the authoritative base in my practice, guiding my 3D paintings and installations into place. Letting drawings develop without too much interference, it is the mode where failure happens most in my work, alternatively, it is the place that leads to the most compelling path making discoveries. I follow those responses to the drawing actions which formally organize my thoughts.

Drawing with different media allows for color as form in a cutout drawing or vibrating layers with fine pastel lines varying in color. I fold and cut my drawings to bend and define a 3D form from the 2D, often pasting them flat again when I have exhausted their movement. These drawings define my own language of movement beyond their two-dimensional use. Through drawing I can gain desired simplicity, a tension without overcomplicating--a difficult line to hold, but one I follow to be able to go further.

¨Beginning anything well involves a clearing away of the confusing, the cluttered and the complicated to find the beautiful, often hidden lineaments of the essential and the necessary.¨


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